OxIMUN 2016

Oxford University, Hogwarts, and the comma to your left, they all have one thing in common: They are commonly associated with Oxford International Model United Nations. Last week, a team of eight Students was dispatched from ETH Zurich to achieve one goal: to complete 7 different objectives. While two of us were working towards suffrage for all British women, other members tried to charismatically convey why technology is more important than nutrition, why education is not exactly infrastructre, and that they in fact have a french accent despite being Swiss. In committee, we had a rather unusual conference, not representing the same country across the usual subcommittees of the GA, but rather joining even more specialised bodies. As a part of this new frontier, delegates were active in the Security Council, JCC, and the economic sector (AIIB & TPP), along with one keeping it traditional in DISEC. After checking out of their charming British townhouse, the delegation went their separate ways, carrying new experiences and decorations into the world.

We thank the the Mercator Foundation for making this trip possible.