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Seventh Session
02.05.19, 19.15 h
LEE E 101

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The goal of MUN is to inspire young people to make an impact in our world and to give them opportunities to improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Openness towards other cultures, people and mentalities is another aspect that MUN members learn through many international events. ETH MUN's values resonate very well with BCG's values, which is why we hired 2 ETH MUN graduates. We are very happy to support ETH MUN in their projects and are looking forward to staying in touch.

5th Edition
The Authentic Zurich Experience.


Join the Ghost of Conferences Past:

NAMUN 2019

In late February, a delegation of six travelled south east to the west of the “true north” to NAMUN in Toronto, Canada for the first time. With 5 of the delegates arriving early, we spent the days leading up to the conference being stereotypical tourists, visiting, among others, Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, and the […]

YorkMUN 2019

Last weekend a delegation of six people defied the cold and windy weather in North England to attend YorkMUN. The well-organised conference kicked off with an interesting talk about the future of NATO by Sir Lawrence Freedman and an intensive committee session on Friday afternoon. In the evening, a gala dinner and champagne supernova provided […]

HamMUN 2018

For the first time a delegation of 11 members of ETH MUN attendended the HamMUN conference in the beautiful city of Hamburg. Even though the conference did not start until Thursday, most delegates already arrived on Wednesday to experience the flair of this city – including a visit to the most expensive philharmonic hall in […]

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