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- Nina Hain, former President

The Idea
First established in the 1920s to simulate the League of Nations, and evolving into its current state since the 1945 genesis of the United Nations, MUN has grown to become a network of over 400 annual conferences, fostering intercultural exchange and diplomatic values, and spread throughout the world by academic debate.

In this Arena, you quickly progress in the arts of love, war, negotiation, and public speaking, all while diplomatically paving your way through an international environment, developing contacts across multiple sectors, and forging enduring friendships.

We at ETH Model-UN provide students with a platform to practice just that, or briefly: MUN Procedure. In doing so, we enable delegates to travel the world (👆) and experience different countries and cultures,
improve their English, and assist us in expanding the profile of the ETH Community under VSETH and the Critical Thinking Initiative.

Receive Information via our weekly newsletter (👇) and witness:
Introductory Speeches,
Block Building & Working Papers,
Discussions & Negotiations,
Draft Resolutions & Amendments,
and best of all: Voting Procedure.

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We're looking forward to meeting you.

- This Lot