EuroMUN 2012

This was the second time ETH MUN attended EuroMUN in Maastricht, a medium size conference that managed to establish quite a reputation and attracted delegations from as far away as Pakistan and South Korea as well. The ETH MUN delegation consisted of 3 delegates with previous conference experience. The head delegate was Philipp Simons who also received an award. Our accommodation was called “Botel Maastricht” a very nice boat hotel quite in the center of Maastricht. The level of the debates was in general quite good and the rules of procedure corresponded to what we are used at ETH MUN. The social events –a guided city tour, a party and a very nice ball in a luxury hotel -were very well organized and a lot of fun. All in all the atmosphere of the conference was really good: The organizers really put a lot of effort into the conference, asfor example having very good keynote speakers with practical experiences and relation to Maastricht as one of the birth places of modern Europe. In conclusion, this is a conference worth visiting again.
By Philipp Simons