ZuMUN 2019

2019 was host to the fifth edition of MUN UZH and ETH MUN’s very own Zurich Model United Nations, taking place from April 11th to 14th. The overarching theme of the conference was “Winds of Change – Navigating Through a Multi-polar World Order”, which embodied the current political climate both in Europe and around the World. Though committees were small, something that we intend to address in the 2020 iteration of ZuMUN, feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This was thanks to both the amazing catering in breaks, as well as the socials, which were turned up to 11 this year. On easily the most memorable evening, we rented a boat upon which there was a bar and grill, as well as a silent disco. Additionally, ZuMUN boasted a very Swiss fondue night with an alp horn performance, in addition to a game night. Coupled with the interesting keynote speakers at both the opening and closing ceremonies, we consider ZuMUN 2019 to have been a great success, and as such the 2020 iteration is already in the works.