ZuMUN 2017

The third edition of Zurich Model United Nations, jointly organized by ETH MUN and the MUN team University of Zurich, took place from May 4th to 7th 2017. The overarching theme of the conference was “Brave New World – The Political and Socioeconomic Implications of the Digital revolution”, which embodied the spirit of the conference as a project at intersection of technology and social science. Marketing was extremely successful and we managed to attract almost 200 delegates from Switzerland and abroad to Zurich. The demand for our high school committees was particularly high. All in, we offered eight committees at three different levels. The Opening Ceremony featured a panel discussion on the topic “Regulation of sharing-economy-based services”. The Social Events included, among others, a dinner at FoodLab and a Casino Night at Stuz2, both of which were a unique experience for everyone attending.

The feedback by the delegates and the chairs was extremely positive. No major problems turned up during the event, which can be seen as proof of a thorough organization by the Organizing Committee ahead of the conference. Financially speaking, the conference also stood on solid foundations thanks to the generous sponsoring by our partners. A special partnership was the one with project 21, which aimed at making the conference more environmentally sustainable.

For the 2017 edition, the work of the OC started as early as June 2016. In retrospective, the first months were extremely valuable, as they gave us more leeway towards the end of the organizational phase. Work of the OC was in general well in time. At this place, the Secretaries-General of the 2017 edition, Shuting Ling and Marc Sinner, would like to thank the entire OC for their commitment.