OxIMUN 2018

A high level of debate, a beautiful city and a Five Guys in walking distance; there are many reasons why ETH MUN has now visited OxIMUN for the 9th consecutive time. This year was no different with fantastic socials and a great atmosphere among delegates. ETH MUN sent ten members to the conference with the following allocations:

JCC: Matthias Bräm

Historical Security Council: Andrew Schürch

Security Council: Ruth Hazel Diaper

NATO: Duri Andrea Janett

IMF: Daniel Archer

African Union: Anton Yang

WTO: Peter Balicki

DISEC: Ben Spöttling

Further Stefan Mijic and Nikolaus Vertovec were chairing in JCC. With an overall positive committee experience this conference remains a must-visit for ETH MUN, which we will do again in 2019.

We thank the the Mercator Foundation for making this trip possible.