OxIMUN 2014

In 2014, ETH MUN sent a delegation of eight students, lead by Simon Matoori to OxIMUN. They represented Luxembourg in different committees such as ECOFIN, SOCHUM, SPECPOL, UNFCCC, ILO, FAO, EU, and UNSC. Since we applied early, we got the official accommodation of OxIMUN and this helped considerably to keep down our overall costs. The conference turned out to be a great experience for all the delegates. New friendships were formed and old ones were reinforced during the social events organized by the OxIMUN committee. There was a formal dinner with the delegates committee which proved to be a great experience. Of course all the events were followed by a fun night-out to the different clubs, pubs and cocktail bars of Oxford. On a more serious note were the committee sessions, where the delegation of ETH MUN was evenly matched with the different delegations and overall our delegation represented our given countries very well. Thanks to our weekly training sessions, experienced and less experienced MUN members were familiar with the rules of procedure and were able to keep up with the level of debate at the conference. Sadly, our delegation did not win an award during the conference, but the experience gained from the conference will surely help our members to win awards in future conferences.

We thank the the Mercator Foundation for making this trip possible.