This year, an MUN team of the ETH was heading off to the UK to attend CUIMUN. After a short visit in London, seven of us took the train to Cambridge. Our accommodation the Lynwood house, a bed and breakfast, wasn’t too far away from the center and therefore in pefect walking distance to the sessions. We can highly recommend this stay for future delegations of the ETH. Concerning the technical procedures of the single debates, our weekly sessions paid off as we were familiar with most of the rules of procedure and were even able to explain them to the newcomers. The debates and speeches themselves however were quite different to the ones we have back home: the major difference appeared in the way the delegates phrased their points. It was an important experience to not just discuss with students from a technical university and thus we gained new experiences in the various levels of negotiating. Next to the usual debates, the historical crisis session, in which one of our delegates participated, was definitely a success.

The social events, two club nights and a formal dinner, were highly enjoyable and created an unique dynamic not just in our group, but also with the students from different universities. Despite some organizational shortcomings by the conference secretariat, the attendence of the CUIMUN conference can be described as a success in terms of gaining new negotiating and social skills and experiences inside as well as outside the debates.