CMUN 2008

Catalonian Modelling United Nation has nearly been for all of us the first international conference we attended to and so I would now like to share our impressions from an intense and amazing week.

We arrived at Barcelona a few days before the conference actually started and therefore profited from the spare time to get an inside of cultural aspects of Barcelona, in particular the work of Gaudi. The Sagrada de Familia was the most impressive church I have seen in Barcelona, not only by its size, but by the fact that it’s still not finished (construction time over a hundred years, and that in the 20th century). The next delegation can compare from our pictures, the actual progress, they have made…

Impressive has also been the opening ceremony of CMUN, it has been held in the City Hall, where normally only official visitors of Barcelona will be received, so at this moment you actually feel quite important, but this gives you also, the right impression for a successful conference. The conference included several committees as Security Council, development committee, Kyoto protocol… but I will now neglect to give further details about the actual topics and give more general impressions.

The conference was held in The Catalonia Conference Centre, location normally used for international symposia and in this background Modelling United Nation moved from being just a simple role play, but became more realistic and so the disputes grow more and more intensive and argumentative. This went even so far that only at lunch you found out, that one of your fellow delegates wasn’t this big asshole he made you believe during the discussions.

And so after 4 days of excessive writing, disputing and discussing the conference went to an end, and you felt really relieved to take a day off and just go to beach with the persons you have been arguing a day ago.