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Thursday 27. April 2017
19:15 in HG D 5.2
Debate the Question of Palestine
in the UN Security Council.
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BCG Academy Taining

How to tell a convincing story

Friday 12. May 2017
10:00 at BCG Zurich

Convince through the art of storytelling. Together with ETH Juniors we will learn how to construct a story to make it memorable, ensuring your audience remembers both you and your message.
You can sign up until the 4th of May, but do so quickly as there are only 10 spots available! For more information and the sign-up contact information, check out BCG's Flyer . 

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Currently looking for a Conference in May/June.
Applications open soon.
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Now in its third edition!
The Authentic Zurich Experience
4th to 7th May 2017
In Cooperation With UZH-MUN

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Join the Ghost of Conferences Past:

OxIMUN 2016

Oxford University, Hogwarts, and the comma to your left, they all have one thing in common: They are commonly associated with Oxford International Model United Nations. Last week, a team of eight Students was dispatched from ETH Zurich to achieve one goal: to complete 7 different objectives. While two of us were working towards suffrage […]


As every year, a delegation of ETH students had the honor of attending the international MUN conference of Cambridge University. In sync with OxIMUN, the international MUN conference of Oxford University, the topic was “Achieving Gender Equality”. The conference started off with an interesting talk by Lucy Frazer, Member of Parliament (MP) for South East […]


If you’re going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair… Even though we did not wear any flowers in our hair, we were equipped with our minds ready to conquer the challenges of the UCBMUN Conference in San Francisco that awaited us. A delegation of 8 ETHMUN members travelled all […]

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