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Lewin Könemann

President - Physics BSc

Wine, music, just the right amount of people, and, naturally, academia - looking for what he considers fun, Lewin moved to Zurich in 2014. After engaging the local MUN society head on, or, let's be honest, at the second session, he was dispatched to Korea and started on the board as IT Rep and later VP and President of ETH MUN. Although it may not always be apparent, he prefers being deeply personally involved in everything he does, including his path towards a deeper understanding of physics, over casually tagging along. This is of course only until a sufficient supply of time and money is established, at which point there is no holding him and he will be en route towards some preferably cold country with no idea of what to expect or even what specifically there is to do.

Sebastian Lang

Treasurer - Mechanical Engineering BSc

Sebastian joined ETH MUN in the fall of 2016 when he started his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. He joined the ZuMUN Organising Committee after he came back from his first conference in Oxford that fall. Recently, his ambition went through the roof and he additionally took on the task of Quaestor of both organisations, so Budget and Accounting currently are his domain. Other than studying and doing MUN he enjoys skiing and hiking in the swiss mountains as well as sailing in the harbour city of Hamburg.

Sonja Peter

External Relations - Biology BSc

Sonja joined ETH MUN in the fall semester of 2015, when she started her BSc in Biology. She has lived in Singapore, as well as Washington DC, where she attended her first international conference. As a member of the sponsoring and marketing department, she is involved in developing ETH MUN's involvement with external parties as well as campus presence within the university. Additionally, she participated in ZuMUN 2015 in a collaboration with Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

Jerome Pieper
Content Manager - Physics BSc

Jerome has been an active MUN’er for the past 3 years. He grew up in Belgium and is currently doing a bachelor in physics at ETH Zurich. He joined the Board in September 2016 as Head of Finance (Quaestor). Budget and Accounting were his domain! Since he was transitioned into managing our debate on energy security, he has been making it his second domain.

Luca Mondada

Culture & Events - Physics BSc

Always keen to discover and understand new aspects of the society we live in, Luca joined MUN as soon as he started his studies in Physics. Through several memorable conferences and innumerable lively debates with fellow MUN’ers, he has developed a strong interest for politics and diplomacy. As a new member of the ZuMUN organization committee, he wants to give other students the same fantastic opportunities others had previously made possible for him. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the violin and Switzerland’s wonderful outdoors through hiking or skiing.
As our resident Events Manager and Alumni Contact, he organizes our Kick-Off, BBQ, and Fondue, and upholds contact with veteran delegates.

Florian Simperl
External Relations - Mathematics BSc

To Florian, Model United Nations represents an escape from the daily routine of studying and a great possibility to dive into the complex world of global politics and international relations. Florian grew up in Vorarlberg, in the western parts of Austria and has been studying towards a BSc in Mathematics since 2014. He has attended five MUN conferences around the world so far. Besides his studies and MUN he spends most of his remaining time doing sports and pursuing his passion for photography.

Matija Žeško

Senior Special Advisor - Physics PhD

Matija joined MUN in the fall semester of 2014 after his first year as a PhD student at ETH’s Laboratory for Physical Chemistry. He is interested in policy development, diplomacy, and international relations, which is why he decided to join ETH MUN. He joined the board of ETH MUN first as Treasurer and now enjoys comfortable retirement in his position as an advisor, ready to jump in and help the board whenever it is needed.
Other than science and MUN, Matija enjoys learning languages, reading, fencing, and Muay Thai.