Third Session of the Kosovo Conflict

The general atmosphere of the debate finally started stabilizing in the third session. Notwithstanding the bitter battle between the blocks, constructive economical dialogue has slowly manifested into a possible draft agreement. Although authored by China, this initiative has gained popularity among all the Delegates during the unmod with small disagreements on the implementation. The delegates must decide in the upcoming session wether to show a gesture of good faith to the opposing block or continue with hard negotiating.

Although Russia, Serbia, India and the USA have been most fierce in debating the economic situation in Kosovo, the country with the most achievements remains China. While the other countries were consumed in the constant back and forth bickering, China has managed to increase its sphere of influence by gaining new allies, feeling out the opposition and making clever verbal deals with the other delegates. Using its flexibility and soft approach, China could not only gain valuable allies for the economic draft agreement being worked on currently, but at the same time build relationships in advance for the more controversial political issues in the future.