Third Joint Session of the US Congress

Last week’s session exposed just how deep the rift is between the Democrats and the Republicans, and whilst the former seemed united in ridiculing any Democratic advances, the Democrats on the other side, despite having the majority, were on the back foot. However, Democrat Senators Manchin and Warner stood strong against the verbal onslaught and hence a cloud of smoke now covers this battlefield of ideas. One might even see parallels to the Cold War as one side prays to the all-powerful god of the free market, whilst the other sees virtue in regulation and mitigation of the risks that an uncontrolled free market can bring. Republicans are vouching for classical ideas like reducing taxation and delegating the responsibility of education to private corporations, hoping that these see the benefit of training the next generation of American patriots whilst also gaining tax breaks in the process. Democrats, on the other hand, warn of the risk of leaving education to Amazon & Co. and urge for stronger support of public education to benefit most people, especially those less privileged.Not surprising was the distaste of the Arts by ETH and EPFL students.
Now, just like in any war there are traitors and when the dust settles, we must wonder who will take it upon themselves to be Judas and provide that desperately needed extra vote to one of the two sides.