Tenth Session of the Kosovo Conflict

The last session continued along its usual line, where Serbia, China and Russia had been eloquently presenting their strong economic partnership which strives to bolster an admirable economic growth in the Western Balkans. Likewise, as the Draft Resolution revealed more and more misleading and ambiguous statements, the Serbian delegation proposed to submit a new version. Nevertheless, Kosovo and its partners were swift to oppose Serbia’s intention due to its bias in the conflict. Instead, only the critical points from the original Draft Resolution were to be revised. Moreover, as USA and France were mentioning the idea of conducting democratic elections in Kosovo, as this was the case of Montenegro, Serbia responded with great concern that the Montenegrin case may not be compared with the Kosovo issue. Indeed, the Montenegrin referendum has sparked an on-going controversy and instability, while a Kosovar referendum might further endanger stability in a fragile, war-torn region. Finally, the delegates had been discussing upon what country to choose to hold the peace talks. With Switzerland or Finland standing for discussion, the present delegates could however not agree upon a host country, not to mention upon a host city.

Text by Igor