Sixth Session – Iran accedes to the WTO!

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After decades of diplomatic gridlock and stagnancy, powered mainly by the determination of the United States to keep Iran isolated, the Iranian Delegation finally came forward with an astute proposition for the accession of Iran to the WTO.

Having laid out a solid foundation of trust in the previous session among many delegations as well as former allies of the US, now alienated by the irresolute and hostile demeanour of their partner and by skillfully maneuvering the many critical questions during the Informal Consultation of the Hall which ensued the introduction of the Draft Resolution, the delegation of Iran had little trouble shattering the aegis of the United States and rallying the majority needed to introduce and pass their carefully drafted paper.

However, with a now infuriated US delegation, respite after this historic success might well be short-lived for the Iranians and those who chose to stand by their side.