Sixth Session Session of the European Council: New Topic!

After a refreshing Easter break, the European Council is back in session. On May 02, the new topic on the agenda is EU financial policy. Although perhaps not considered the most thrilling of topics, it does not lack historical significance.

After a brief introduction into the topic, the debate was mostly lead by the leaders of Hungary, Germany, France, Austria and–rather surprisingly–the United Kingdom. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz remained determined on the introduction of a stability fund, which others received as just another fund, another addition to the maze of European bureaucracy.

French president Emmanuel Macron, despite being considered one of the most vigilant and passionate fighters for an expansion of EU financial competencies, still appeared to be traumatized by the horrific fire that struck Notre Dame of Paris on April 15. During the Thursday-night session, Mr Macron appeared to be more concerned with raising funds to rebuild the cathedral, than to move forward with his agenda.