Sixth Session Security Council HS21

Last week’s session in its bizarrenessĀ can be better summarized by the memes in the random than this short summary, but to keep it short one must only mention a bilateral treaty between France and St Vincent and the Grenadines that was for whatever reason presented to the council. It entails the sale of French submarines, probably the ones leftover from the collapsed deal with Australia, to the small Caribbean island nation. Naturally, this sparked some of the weirdest debates seen in this council, trumping in ‘memability’ even that of the Tunisian one-clause resolution. Ultimately, Tunisia quoting the late MF DOOM (All Caps) has questioned France’s place on the UN Security Council itself as it doubted St Vincent’s ability to safeguard these new military capabilities without a regular military force (at least officially) and hence France would outright be endangering international security with its reckless actions.