Seventh Session

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In its seventh session, the WTO General Council began debating the issue of Intellectual Property Rights and their position in a digitalized world. Some members, such as Mexico, were keen to point to the issue of inequality between the rights’ owners and users. They were eager to strengthen users’ positions in an effort to protect human life and well-being over profit. This came in light of the agricultural and pharmaceutical cases in recent years, where major corporations had restricted and heavily priced their products.

While the trade war between the US an China continues, the world’s third major player, the EU is being left in the middle. Meanwhile, Japan joined the US and its South Korean allies in imposing tariffs on Chinese Exports. As the pressure on the People’s Republic’s economy grows, everyone should be reminded, that it weren’t military, but economic means, that brought the Soviet Union to its knees. If the US’s power over the committee grows, finding allies that stand with China, might become more and more difficult.