Seventh Session of the Kosovo Conflict

The second Zoom Session led to a more organized debate then expected. The bigger countries like Russia, China and the USA have finally joined into a consensus of solidarity, actually listening to each other’s ideas, instead of dismissing them with caustic reproach. Although the divide caused by bloc-mentality has noticeably weakened, Kosovo‘s and Serbia‘s attitudes during the session are a melancholy reminder that bloc-politics still hold considerable power in the Kosovo Conflict.

Ironically, the roles between Kosovo and Serbia seem to have been switched this week. Serbia‘s views, deemed as comprising and ready to talk, have suddenly turned into a detached tantrum-like refusal to even acknowledge Kosovo‘s working paper. Although most of the committee (France, Poland, USA, China, etc.) are of the opinion that the WP, submitted by Kosovo, is idealistic, impractical and definitely „not passable“ with a 2/3 majority, it shows, nevertheless, Kosovo‘s willingness to compromise and find a solution, which works for the whole committee. In this awkward situation, where only 2 countries have the power to usher in real change, while the rest tries to convince them to come to a compromise, it is difficult to expect anything less than a miracle to get out of the current stalemate. The only solution is to facilitate dialogue, be it private or committee-wide, to ascertain that ideas are heard and compromises made!

Text by Rakhym