Second Session

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For the second session of the WTO General Council, numbers further increased, providing an even cozier atmosphere.

Experienced, as well as new delegates joined the debate on the floor and exchanged a few first rhetorical blows. Both the US and China were eager to deny any responsibility for their quarrels, that have kept the whole world on its heels. While the two trade giants kept shifting blame, other delegations with more constructive approaches managed to find common ground as basis for future negotiations. So far, delegates of Indonesia and Argentina appear to be reaching across the Pacific, as well as the delegations of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, that were so eager to reach an agreement, that they did not find time to join the debate on the floor at all.

The present members of ASEAN committed themselves to strengthen their inner economic ties. ASEAN further plans to step up its trade relations with the EU, as well as diversifying its trade portfolio through opportunities in South America and the African continent. Read here the official Press Release.