Ninth Session of the Kosovo Conflict

After the progressive talks two weeks ago had culminated in the proclamation of Draft Resolution 1, last week the debate stood on the brink of being closed. At that point, delegates decided to give a glance at the resolution’s content. Points 4 and 5, which state among others that Serbia recognises Islam while Kosovo was to accept the Serbian Orthodox Church as a recognised religion, were regarded as incorrect and misleading. Moreover, both Serbia and Kosovo dropped plans for territorial exchanges on the grounds of fears for provoking a domino effect in the Balkans – internal borders within Bosnia & Herzegovina or Northern Macedonia may be questioned, which could severely disrupt stability in the Western Balkans and eventually in all of Europe, according to the consensus reached. Soon, conflict erupted again between the rivals Serbia and Kosovo and accusations of hindering progressive talks have been exchanged once more. The session has been suspended with mixed feelings, as disputes over details in the agreement could severely hamper the road towards achieving a compromise.

Text by Igor