Second Session of the Kosovo Conflict

After the chaotic first session, where the delegates introduced their stances, found allies and talked about their goals, both chairs were surprised that the conflict-ready attitude spilled over into the second session as well. The „economic“ theme introduced by the delegation of Russia, dominated the session, as thinly veiled insults and barbs were exchanged continuously between the two blocks. Most countries adopted the style of hard negotiation, not willing to compromise and give up an inch, in fear of the opponent wanting a mile.  Kosovo’s EU-dependent Economy was scrutinized and the role of self-sufficiency as a requirement for Sovereignty was debated. To the surprise of the moderators, a new delegation (Albania) joined the debate unexpectedly, introducing itself as a staunch supporter of the pro-Kosovo Block.

Although the Resolutions made in the GA are non-binding and the GA itself serves the purpose of a forum to facilitate open dialogue, the makings of future bilateral trade deals were observed. These, of course, will be seen as extra-UN affairs, happening outside the UNO and not requiring agreement from non-involved parties. At the very end of the session, some talk about a trilateral economic deal between Russia, China and Kosovo could be heard, but did not have enough time to manifest into anything official. Many seeds were sown, wether they come to fruition will be the topic of the 3rd session, as many aspects of the Kosovo Crisis (military, territorial, etc.) remain yet to be discussed.

Text by Rakhym