Fourth Joint Session of the US Congress

Honouring the day the Senate was in session, the balance of power shifted completely as if it was a joke from the Gods. Previously bickering and disunited Democrats managed to come together under the banner of an education bill authored by Senator Manchin and Senator Warner, a bill envisioning student debt interest caps, organising student meals and much more. The Republicans challenged the bill on the grounds of its funding plan, and the notorious “Section 6 a)” – repealing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 – quickly became a point of contention and deadlock. With the requirement of at least one Republican vote to move to the voting procedure, the parties engaged in fierce negotiations with a good dose of backdoor politics, never before seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Republican Senators Paul and Romney clashed in their views, as the former accused the latter of “selling himself for too little”, while the other pointed out a lack of bipartisanship. Amidst the heated debates and the byzantine negotiations, even the particular motion to adjourn the debate was rejected by the Senators. An amendment race took place, reminiscent of the chariot races in the Hippodrome of Constantinople. In the end, while there wasn’t enough time to begin the procedural vote, a compromise was reached between the Democrats and some Republicans. As the dust settles, one question remains: Will the students of ETH and EPFL manage to serve their fellow Americans, or will Manchin and Warner be forced to watch the butchering of their brainchild?