First Session of the Kosovo Conflict

The first session of ETHMUN in Autumn 2020 was a special one, characterized by masks, a different room and obviously distance between the delegates. However the divisiveness of the topic at hand, namely the independence of Kosovo from Serbia and its recognition by the UN showed an even larger distance between the Agenda’s of the countries. The US backed Kosovo faced off against the Russia and China backed Serbia in a clash of words which not even the masks could hold back. Meanwhile countries like Spain experienced a conflict of interest, on one sided being in the EU the member states of which mostly support Kosovo’s independence, whilst at the same time trying to not set a precedent for its own separatist movements most notably in Catalonia. The words sovereignty, self-determination, separatism and even treason dominated the debate, clearly indicating that UNSC Resolution 1244 may not have been the end of the dispute, which has been plaguing the balkan region since the wars in Yugoslavia which started at the end of the last century. Despite all circumstances, the debates were vigorous and the delegates, old and new, are faced with a new challenge to try and compromise on.