Fifth Session

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Although Iran submitted its application to the WTO in 1996 already, it had been on hold since. This changed now, as our simulation of the WTO General Council approached the topic. Delegates were quite eager to question Iran on its intentions and commitments in WTO. Bi- and multilateral negotiations with the Iranian Delegation are underway and Iran already put out a working paper, which currently serves as a draft for the final terms of accessions. 

While the debate on the floor focused on the highly disputed Iranian Accession, negotiations outside of the committee continued as they did in the previous weeks. On Thursday, the Delegations of Canada, India, Japan, and the US finalized their Transpacific Fair Trade Agreement. The Agreement establishes a free trade area with a total GDP volume of USD 28.5 bln, more than a third of the global economy. It is unclear, how the upcoming WTO decisions on Iran will affect the relationship between the four nations, considering that India is a vehement supporter of the Islamic Republic, while the US have been continuously imposing sanctions on Iran since 1979.

After the Chinese Delegation’s commitments to copyright, claiming the title of innovation leader, US Delegates felt the need to retaliate by starting a Meme War on the Committee’s Slack channel. Several other parties have since joined. So far, there’s no end in sight, as the meming continues.