Fifth Session of the Kosovo Conflict

Touted as being the last „real“ MUN Session, the 5th installment of „Arguing for the fate of Kosovo“ didn’t disappoint. The debate quickly went into an unmoderated caucus, where the major powers partook in open dialogue about the creation of a mutual investment fund and the implementation of various programs targeting cultural exchange between Kosovo and Serbia. After a few minutes of discussion, the working paper was soon redacted, as to ensure it’s acceptance among most of the participating countries.

The second half of the debate focused on Kosovo‘s Sovereignty and the possible forms it could acquire moving forward. The moderated caucus proposed by Spain kickstarted the discussion on this topic. Due to time constraints, the major players – USA and China – assumed a softer approach than their respective blocs and came up with possible solutions to the issue of sovereignty in private – the main point of which was to not officially recognize Kosovo as an independent state, therefore barring it from joining the UN, but in return, Serbia would grant Kosovo absolute autonomy and , at the same time, give it a certain fixed amount of seats in the Serbian Parliament. This „backdoor dialogue“ ended with both countries coming to a compromise and the promise to convince their respective blocs of the reached conclusion. China managed to convince Serbia on the validity of their plans, while the USA was met with harsh opposition from Kosovo, even at the mention of losing a sliver of Sovereignty. After intense discussions between all four of the aforementioned countries and Switzerland, which joined in midway, a final conclusion was not reached, which led to a private conversation between the delegates of the USA and Kosovo. The debate ended with the proposed US-Chinese solution going up in flames and another metaphorical wall separating the two blocs being erected.


Text by Rakhym