Seventh Joint Session of the US Congress

As if an oracle made a prophetic prediction, the last session was marked by considerable progress of the Senate’s working − or at least in comparison to the plenary session the week before. That said, the debate embarked on a new stage. Party differences have been blurred for the sake of finding at least some compromises with respect to multiple bipartisan bills. Nonetheless, to the dismay of Senator Warren (which has been repeatedly confused with his fellow party colleague Warner), several sections in the working paper had to be either redrafted or abolished, following the pressure exerted by some Republicans and her own party members. Among others, criticism concerned Section 2.1 about the carbon border adjustment, Section 4.2 as well as Section 4.3.
As the dust settles down again, tomorrow’s session will once again be proof of whether the self-appointed Senators from ETH and EPFL will be able to cope with the expectations of the American people.